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The questions for our exam practice activities are taken from past question papers. 

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We provite the following servises to Colleges and other Businesses.

Sponsered Competitions

We run competitions for Grade12 students and list your college or brand as a sponsor for easy exposure. 

Sponsored Subjects

Your College or Business can sponsore a sunject content. Only your banners ads will be listed on the lessons for that subject. 

Listing of Banner ads

We can list your banner adverts on the platform. All metrics are auto calculated

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We specialise in online video lessons and exam preparation activities specificaaly for Grade12 students. Your adverts are garanteed to be seen by one group only. Grade12. Our content are created by qualified teachers and follows the ATP, making them admirable by students and usefull for them. 

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Contact us for any questions or to discuss a posible project that involve Grade12 students

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