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The people who make it posible for us to reach you. 

Ramone Benjamin

Ramone Benjamin

Graphic designer
Mpho Sekonya

Mpho Sekonya

Marketing Manager
Sylverster Zimwara

Sylverster Zimwara

Head Physical Sciences
Mutza Makore

Mutza Makore

Head of Mathematics
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We offer the best service at the lowest price. We have many video lessons that you can watch for free before you register and subscribe to our premium services. We use profesional teachers with at least 10 years experiance in teaching and those who produce good results.


Our Past Perfomance

Our cteachers have produces the best in the past and their learners have acheave above the distinction from variuos school where they teach live classes. 

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We try to be perfect in all what we do. Our Priority is to give learners  a chance to do better no matter where they are. 

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