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Best Is Not enough, easy access, Discussion forums, Notes, Automated Activities. Passive actitivies, Exam Preparations,

We're A Group Of Experienced Proffesionals

Get fast access to our online lessons and notes. no need to write notes.

Recorded Lesson

We record lessons that yoou can access anytime from anywhere. Watch the videos as many times as you can, pause rewant, rewatch

Video Lessons

Our Video Lessons gives you enough to take on exams

Exam Preparation

Get access to questions from past question papers answered on video. Prepare for your exam by watching how teachers answer the questions. 

Content Writing

Get access for the rest of 2023 and watch as many time as you like. 

Live Lessons

As a Premium subscriber, You get access to attend live classes, ask  the terachers and discuss with fellow learners. 

Meet the teachers Live or online

This is a hybrid offer. 

Discussion Forums

Our discsusion forums  are monitored by qualified teachers. they post topics and answer questions from learners. 

SEO Optimizing

The premium subscription give you access to aswk questions in the discussion forums.

Services provide
for Tutors

As a tutor, you can partner with us by buying bulk access to our lessons. Let your students use our platform at a discounted rate. Easy to monitor the work of your learners. give them assignments, and more. 

What we can do for you

We Offer Full Online lessons and Exam Preparation.

Our premium subscription, give you access to all our services and all the four subjects. Access to all forums and to ask questions directly to teachers. access to Live classes and exam preparations. You can sing up for a free membership to test drive our platform.

Play Video

Solution For Tutors and Schools.

Schools and Tutors can have their video lessons hosted on the Edublush platform, drip lessons for their individual learners, monitors progrss, discuss with them using private forums access by their lessons only. 

Schools and Tutors can subscribe for their learners to access our recoreded video lessons, activities and exam preparations. 

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A small team with all the muscles to give you the best services all the time. We stand by our commitment to produce the best students and to assist those in need. 

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We try to be perfect in all what we do. Our Priority is to give learners  a chance to do better no matter where they are. 

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