How To Use Edublush As A Learner


Everyone should register before they can use the platform.
Select your grade under registration and fill up the form.
Make sure to use real names and contacts. This information will assist in case your lose your password or something happened to your account.

My Profile

After registration and Every time when you login go to My Profile by clicking the button on the main menu. Here you can
1.change the cover photo
2. change the profile picture.
3. Send messages to friends
4. Check all your notifications.

Discussion Forums

Discuss anything related to the subject under its subject forum and under the topic. Here you can also find home works and other activities posted by the teachers.

How to start Lesson

The platform is build in a Hierarchy form. Its made up of Subjects, which are made up of topics and topics are made up of lessons. All our lessons follow a linear progression. You cannot watch lesson 5 before lesson 4. You have to go through lessons from the first to the last.

The Platform hierarchy 2

You can only start watching the video lesson after you have selected a topic under the subject, then select lesson. Remember you have to start with the first lesson.

Move to Next Lesson

After watching the video lesson, Scroll down and click on the button “Mark Complete” You will then be taken to the next lesson.
NB. If you dont want to watch a lesson but need to move to the next, scroll down and click on the Button ‘Mark Complete”


If a lesson have an activity, You must do that activity before the Mark Complete button can be visible. In other words you cannot move on to the next lesson without completing and activity.

Home work/ Assignment

If a lesson or topic have a homework or assignment, You must submit the work before you can move to the next lesson or topic. NB. If you are part of a group or school. You teacher or Tutor might need to approve your work/assignment before you get a go head.

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